Chief fish report for January 7-8 2017

IMG_1423img_0711img_0716Hey gang the mighty Chief had a great two day open party trip with only 19 anglers landing 390 assorted fish as follows, 41 Yellowtail (15lb average) 10 Bonito and 339 rock cod. We fished Collonet on the first day for the Yellowtail ,Bonito and scratched away on the rock cod. Second day we fished the Finger bank and had limits of rock cod by 1pm and it was a mix of Reds, Groupers, Starries and other bottom goodies. The rock cod fishing was much better on the Finger bank with anglers pulling up 2 to 4 fish at a time opposed to Collonet where it was mostly 1 or 2 at a time. Chef James did a fantastic job serving up his gourmet meals and snacks including a Yellowtail sushi platter and Carnitas tacos. The Chief has several up coming open party two day trips and you can view our schedule at or just give them a call at (619) 222-1144 to make a reservation.

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