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Chief 2.5 day report July 30th

The Chief is on a 2.5 day DJ Latona charter with 32 anglers and we are having a blast with non stop action yesterday that continues today. We have limits of mixed grade Yellowtail for both days at (320) and (71) Dorado also mixed grade,1 Skip Jack Tuna , 3 Bonito and a 130 pound Bluefin Tuna on deck with...
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Chief 2.5 day July 22nd Limits of Yellowtail!

Hey Gang the mighty Chief just returned from a 2.5 day open party trip with 21 anglers and have limits of Mixed grade Yellowtail for both days at (210) along with a few Dorado.Captain Jake reported beautiful conditions and weather and they spent some time on second day looking for Tuna but they did not show on Saturday. Read more

Chief 1-1/2 day report July 15th 2017

The Chief skippered by Captain Jake Bos had an awesome 1-1/2 day trip with 33 anglers landing full limits of mixed grade Yellowtail (165) along with 2 Makos and Dorado. They were fishing kelp paddy's in Mexican waters 70 miles South of San Diego in beautiful weather. Tuna still around in good numbers but did not make much...
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